A forum-based game loosely based on the Persona series, with some bits from FATE/stay night thrown in for good measure.

Yamishiro Academy is a prestigious international boarding school located near the small city of Hiratai, Japan. Children from around the world are shipped to the Academy by their wealthy parents to take courses in a wide range of subjects, learn manners and proper decorum, as well as become instructed in many arts and trades.

Life at the school seems boring to the rich students at first, but pretty soon strange things begin to happen. Fellow students, as well as some of the citizens in town, begin to go mad, sometimes with violent results. The local police are baffled, as there seems to be no pattern to these outbreaks of insanity. The only link between the victims seem to be that their computers were left on in their homes, and each browser open to a blank page with the address of “http://www.mrend.rift.”