Persona are the masks each of us wear when dealing with others. They are a different facet of ourselves, one which we either hide or revel in.

Personae are brought forth through the summoning ceremony. Once a persona is summoned, it will serve as the summoner’s servant and allow them to cast spells as well as fight for them from within a rift.

The persona summoned depends on the summoner’s personality. If the summoner is arrogant and cruel, then the persona that is summoned shall share this trait. If the summoner is kind yet brave, the same shall be true of the persona. Each persona also holds an elemental trait.

Personae belong to seven different classes called acrana. These classes have varying stats and abilities, most of which are determined by the persona themselves.

Persona Arcana

Summoners are also given three command seals upon receiving their persona. These command seals are to be used in order to force their persona to obey and order if they refuse. Most persona are loyal and will follow their master’s instruction implicitly. But there are some instances when the persona will rebel; this is usually the case when the master gives an order that goes against the persona’s very nature. There are also some persona that are naturally rebellious or hard to control, like the Berserker class. It is in these instances that command seals may come in handy.

Care should be given though, as each summoner receive only three command seals. Once those are used up, the persona will no longer be under their control. These “wild” personae must then be banished, lest they turn on their masters.

Persona can not last in this world for too long without a master. If they wish it though, they may form a new bond with another master if that party is so willing. This new master must have no other persona with them. Such a tactic can become very useful if a master’s persona dies in battle. They can then form a pact with a wild persona, and thus receive their power instead.

The Wild Card

Usually, a person may summon only one persona. The exception to the rule are called Wild Cards. These magi have the ability to summon multiple personae, though not all at once. A wild card can be a fearsome opponent, as he has access to numerous classes of persona as well as multiple elemental attacks. Unfortunately, such power comes at a price. Because he must handle multiple persona at once, the more persona he has at his disposal, the less experience they receive. Thus a wild card’s persona will grow at a much slower rate than that of a regular magus.


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