Yamishiro Academy

Founded in 1963 by the Einzbern Foundation, who sought to create an institution that would take the children of the world’s wealthy and elite and turn them into proper heirs to their parents’ fortunes.

The facility itself was constructed from the ruins of an Edo period Japanese fortress. It consists of four buildings: the main area, which holds the classrooms, faculty offices, auditorium, and cafeteria; the activities building where most extracurricular courses are held; the dormitories, where the students sleep; and a recently built modern gymnasium, which contains a track and Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The nearby town of Hiratai provides the students with parks and shopping areas during their days off, which follow the Western example of Saturdays and Sundays, unlike the Japanese system which only allows Sundays off. Students may also find jobs in town in order to get some spending money. Due to Academy guidelines, parents may only send their children a small stipend of 1o,ooo yen per month. This is due in part to the founders’ beliefs that children should know fiscal responsibility and learn to earn their own money.

The Academy’s teachers are mostly foreigners, or if they are native Japanese, from the big cities. Some take up residence in provided quarters upon school grounds, but most (especially those with families) live out in Hiratai.

Yamishiro Academy

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